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Daouda Traore

Current Projects:

Engineering pore-forming proteins as tools for the delivery of nano-particles

This project started in 2011 along with Dr Carlos Rosado. Our current focus is to understand how Perforin undergoes conformational change upon calcium binding to trigger pore formation. We recently solved several crystal structures of the membrane-binding domain of Perforin homologues in both calcium free and calcium bound forms. These structures bring us new insight into the calcium dependent membrane binding mechanism of Perforin.

Structural studies on Clostridium perfringens conjugation system

In collaboration with Prof Julian Rood (Microbiology Department), this project seeks to understand the mechanism by which antibiotic resistance is transferred via the conjugative apparatus in Gram-negative bacteria. We recently solved the crystal structure of TcpC (Porter et al. 2012) and we ultimately aim to solve the structure of the components of the entire conjugation apparatus.

Both projects combine biochemistry and molecular biology techniques with structural characterization methods including X-ray crystallography and Electron microscopy.

Publication List:

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